Lync 2010 Planning Tool (Release Candidate) – Just Released

For those that just couldn’t wait its here! The name for the new (formerly) OCS and its called Lync.  Now since the name is out, on to the planning tool that is available, keep in mind that the tool is still (release candidate). 

Below I have a screenshot of the main interface and on the surface it appears quite the same.  Well lets take a look under the hood in the remainder of this blog.

Once you begin the process you will be asked based on the features of Lync 2010 what is applicable to your organization.  Here is the options below: 

Audio Video Conferencing option ( asking you if you want to have AV Conferencing enabled in the enviroment)

Dial-In Conferencing option ( asking you if you will be leveraging Dial-In Conferencing)

Note: I skipped some dialog menus to save sometime here such as Exchange Unfied Messaging, Web Conferencing, etc…

Call Admission Control option ( This is where a new concept is introduced with Lync 2010)

Central Sites ( This is the result of the options that were chosen up to this point.  From this window if you left something out you can select it here and include it from this point on.)

Whole Topology ( This view displays from a logical perspective on what should be deployed)

Now here are some interesting options to view in the planning tool that didn’t exist before.  Its the view of firewall ports and IP addressing. 
Internal Firewall

External Firewall

In conclusion Lync 2010 Planning Tool (release candidate)  is available for you to take a look at it and walkthrough.



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