Lync Server cmdlets 3 of 3

Here are some items that you might see as important with regards to cmdlets. 


Adds the local computer to the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 replication path.


Enables the most-recently published Microsoft Lync Server 2010 topology. After you have made changes to your topology those changes will not take effect until they have been both published and enabled.


Enables one or more users for Microsoft Lync Server “2010”. Users cannot use Communicator, Live Meeting, or other Lync Server “2010” clients until the users have been enabled. Enabling a user does things such as assign that user a home server and a SIP address. The SIP address is used to identify and locate a user during instant message sessions, Web conferences, and other similar activities.


Enables you to export in XML format records that have been stored in the Microsoft Lync Server “2010” archiving database.


Exports the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 topology. By importing this data on another computer, you enable topology information to be passed to that computer without waiting for replication to take place.


Exports an Enterprise Voice Enhance 911 (E9-1-1) configuration to a file in compressed format for backup purposes.


Returns information about the Access Edge server configuration settings currently in use in your organization. Access Edge servers provide a way for users outside your internal network to communicate with users inside your internal network.


In a multi-forest topology, returns information about user accounts from forests other than your home forest.


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