Lync cmdlets in action

One of the things that comes up a lot is what role or rights do I have with Lync Server 2010?  One of the easiest ways to find that out is logging into the Control Panel and on the left hand side of the window viewing what rights you have.  But besides that you can go to the Lync Management Shell and type in the cmdlet “Get-CsAdminRole“. 

What this will provide for you is information as to what rights you have with that permission.  See the below picture to see what is displayed with that role…

Now what if I’m trying to find out what rights a particular account has in the enviroment?

Pretty much the same thing is applied inregards to using the Lync Shell for find out that information. 

Now I would leverage the cmdlet “Get-CsAdminRoleAssignment“.

What this does for me is allows me to find out the role of a particular account.  In the sample below you will see where I entered in the command.  Next I purposely put in my user ID which is “Byrons” and you can see the response back that I dont have any rights with that account.  There is where you would have put the account in question.

So next I just entered another account name “Administrator” and you can see that it comes back with “CSAdministrator” rights.

Hope this information gives you an example of how to do some lookups with account information in Lync Server 2010.

Byron Spurlock


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