Lync Server 2010 (RBAC) Creating a Custom Group

You might find yourself looking at the default groups from the cmdlets in Lync by leveraging the command “get-CsAdminRole“. After doing that you might notice that those are default roles that have been given to you out of the box.  So the question that comes up is how do I create additional (custom) roles? 

The next few steps walks you through how to create yourself a custom group for Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in Lync Server 2010.

1) You will need to use the command “New-CsAdminRole <groupname>

2) What you see below is me using the above command with the group I want created called “DialInConferencing“.

3) What you will be prompted with is the statement of Template;  what that is stating is what is the template you are going to base the new group from?  So you can not just create an empty group, but rather it has to be based off of an existing real group.  You will see that I specified the group “CsVoiceAdministrator“.

4) What is going to happen is that RBAC is going to look for the group you want in Active Directory and try to create the group based off of the group you specified in the template prompt.

5) You will see that the command fails for the group CsDialInConferencing.

6) Notice the error message that the group does  not exist in active directory and needs to be created first.

7) You can see from my picture of the default groups for Lync Server what is available out of the box.

8) You can see that the group that I want to create is not present.

9) In that case I will now need to create a “Security” Group called “CsDialInConferencing“.

10) Once the group is created I go back to my shell within Lync Server and type in the command under step 5.

11) We see that the command successfuly took now. 

12) Now when I go back and run the command “get-CsAdminRole” you should see the newly created group now along with you orginal default ones.

In conclusion what we just covered was how to create a new custimized group leveraging RBAC (role based access control).

Byron Spurlock


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