Running Lync CMDLETs within Windows PowerShell

Here is a little tip with Lync CMDLETs that can prove very useful.  Sometimes you can find yourself in Windows Powershell vs Lync Management Shell and trying to execute a task.  To your surprise the command doesn’t execute and you see that you are not running in Lync Management Shell.  Instead of closing out of the present window and finding the Lync Shell, just go ahead and execute the following command:

Import-Module Lync

This command will bring you to the Lync Management Shell from within the Windows PowerShell.  From that point you can execute any command for Lync that you want.  I went ahead and took the liberty to executing a command that you might have not see before as seen below:

Get-Help New-CsVoicePolicy -Full

Running the “Get-Help” command will give you details of what the command does for you.  So you can see here that I was interested in getting more information on command “New-CsVoicePolicy”.  So by stating the verb “Get-Help” followed by the “New-CsVoicePolicy” followed by the “-Full” command I was able to get more verbose information as to what the command “New-CsVoicePolicy” does.


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