Lync Custom Group Tags

When creating a custom group leveraging RBAC for Lync there could be times that you as the administrator want or need to verify which roles have been created etc…..

The following post here breaks down some important information as to once you run the cmdlet Get-CsAdmin

You will see in the picture below that I pulled up a custom role “CSDialInConferencing”.  When I say custom role, I’m referring to a Lync role that didn’d exist out of the box.

Identity – Is referencing the name of the role that was created

SID – is referencing the unique ID for the group is a living object in AD

Cmdlets – Are similar cmdlets that can be run

ConfigScopes – References if the group is global or not

UserScopes – References if the user account is global or not

Template – References what orginally was the group based from.  For a custom group is one that is created from scratch and didnt exist before.  When creating a group you have to model it from an existing group.  From that point the group can be additive or subtractive with permissions.



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